Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Cole!!!

Sunday January 11th Cole turned the big 2! and boy did he let everyone know! He just loves being 2 and considers himself one of the big boys now. He hasn't really had much of the terrible 2's thankfully....or maybe because Nathan's terrible 5's are masking it?

We didn't have a big party for him. Christmas was 2 weeks earlier and I had just gotten my surgery bandage off 2 days prior. I did manage to make him an Elmo cake. It snowed like CRAZY that day so I decided to hold off on taking him to Build a Bear until just this weekend to replace the monkey he gnawed the nose off of. His real present on his birthday was no nap! oy oy!

He had his 2 year check up on Friday and he weighs 29 lbs and is 35.5 inches tall. He showed Dr. Aaron where all of his body parts were, and that he wanted a red sucker! The things they remember about doctors offices! Dr. actually asked me how his appetite was! I couldn't hold back any laughter on that question! The kid eats everything! Anyway, here are some pictures (past and present) of my big man.

Here I am reminiscing about my last 2.5 hours of being pregnant, just before changing into the gown. Cut me some slack though....It's 5:30am, ON MY DUE DATE and I'm 40 lbs swollen!

And here is my BIG 9 lb 6 oz baby boy. Thank goodness for c-sections!

And of course the recent ones. He enjoyed the 8 people he had singing to him!

But we all know you can't be a Decker (or a Melcher for that matter) unless you like cake better!

For good measure I had to show off how cute he is :)

Here are the build a bear pictures. He had a hard time deciding what to pick out. A dog, a bear, an elephant....finally ended up just replacing the monkey!

And he wouldn't go near the thing that inflated it with stuffing. Here he is putting the heart in though.

and last but not least you can't leave without giving it a good wash!

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The Buckley Family said...

That picture of him smiling in his thomas pj's looks just like you Jessica! Looks like he had a great b-day!