Sunday, January 4, 2009


What a great year! and can you believe the furthest we traveled was up to Rockford the week before!!! The boys could not wait for Santa to come and the conversations the morning of were classic. The big boys were of course up before 6 and had their stockings opened before they got us. Once Cole was up everything flew by and Christmas including breakfast was over by 7:30am. My parents came over that night and Saturday we had the whole Lenning family over. I'm so thankful for everyone making the trip and believe it or not the weather actually cooperated for once!

Christmas eve we continued the family tradition of opening only gifts from each other and the ones from mommy and daddy are usually games. I set them out Christmas eve morning and Nathan had them 'organized' within minutes. All separated according to person! and there were only 9! They had fun picking out gifts for each other and actually using their own money to buy them. The big ticket items this year were geotrax (like we need more!), a bike, a scooter, remote control everything, and a HUGE tote of crafting stuff!

Christmas eve before opening our family gifts.

The 'before' picture

Lance on his new bike

Nathan showing off a present

Cole got into it this year too!

The 'after' picture!

And after a very long day, a Christmas family picture

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