Sunday, January 18, 2009

Big boy bed

And just like that Cole has decided that he should be sleeping in a big boy bed. We've had the toddler bed set up in his room since the day he was born. It was just easier that way. I kind of wondered when he'd make the switch since both big boys were in their toddler beds before they turned 2, not that I was in a rush to let this wild man free. None of them ever tried climbing out. In fact most of them would only try to climb IN!

Every now and then Cole would pick 'dat bed' to sleep in. He'd climb in but upon us leaving, we'd turn to find him straight by the door.

This morning I took the big boys to Sunday school and when we got home I asked Chris how Cole was like I always do. He showed me a picture from the camera of him sleeping in the tot bed. I couldn't believe it. No coaxing, no going back and forth putting him in....he just decided today was the day (which is great since I'm loaning out our crib starting sometime in February!).

Again tonight he decided it was time to sleep in the big bed, and at the rate he's growing we're going to need a queen size by mid summer!


Pam said...

Wow! Isn't it funny how it just happens overnight like that. He is a big boy and I'm sure happy to have everyone know it!

Amber Douma said...

Yeah, I was thinking that I might try to keep Perry in his crib forever since I don't want him to grow up. We always needed the crib for the next baby so both Kaden and Emmy were out by 2. I didn't know you had a blog. I love to read peoples blog! Now I have one more to add to my list for all of that spare time I always have.