Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Locks of Love '08

So it's been 2 years since my last hair cut, figured it was time! This was my third donation to locks of love and perfect timing with all of my running and summer around the corner. I hate my hair on my neck, in my face and well it's ALWAYS in a pony tail! So here are the before and after pictures (excuse the quality, Chris was in a hurry).



Monday, April 21, 2008

Batter up!

Tonight was 'Opening Night' for Nathan and the YMCA 'red team'! He had his first t-ball game, at 7:15pm nonetheless. Honestly I didn't think he was going to make it. Chris asked me to try to get him to nap today so he'd be ready for his game....uh, 70+ degree gorgeous weather with 10 of his closest friends (+ his brothers) playing outside riding bikes and running through the sprinkler? Naps didn't happen! He was 'almost' passed out come 6pm but thankfully got a second wind and made it through the game.

Chris was actually the assistant coach. I unfortunately had to stay home with the little guys who were actually sleeping before the game technically started! I had the easy job. But thanks to a good friend we got some snapshots from the night.

Nathan's highlight apparently was that he 'caught' a ball! One of the opponents was a slugger I guess and Nathan caught the ball that apparently hit him first! Hey he kept it in front of him at least!

He could have used a little help in the batting department. He does so much better without the tee but alas it's the name of the game.

He finally did make contact with the ball and thankfully all of the players were able to reach first base safely

A personal best

I decided to participate in the Striders 10 mile run this past weekend mostly to take advantage of the water and gatorade stations! The run was rather boring and only had 262 participants. No chip time...I was only about 3 seconds behind the starting line. I felt the best that morning than I think I had ever felt before any race. I came out sprinting and never stopped really. Toward the end I was pretty far behind the person ahead of me and pretty far ahead of the person behind me. But low and behold I finished in 1:26:57....a personal best! Not to mention coming in THIRD in my age bracket! I haven't run that fast in 11 years! The 1997 Crim previously held my 10 mile record of 1:29:20. So I was thrilled and in shock really. I feel I am prepared for the 25K now and I keep telling myself I'll be happy with a 10 minute/mile pace.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Exciting weekend

Well for 2 of us that is. Friday afternoon Lance decided to ignore every attempt I made at asking him to stop running in the house. About 2 minutes later I hear him trip and fall face first into a dining room chair. An hour and 4 stitches above the eyebrow later we are back home and all is fine. Is this a boy thing? Is it an age thing? I have yet to figure it out. The 'special string' doesn't seem to bother him pain wise although it itches him quite a bit as he's managed to scratch them hard enough to loosen them up and cause it to bleed once again.

Me on the other hand, I've been hitting the paths around Ada training like I've never trained before. I finished 14.04 miles this morning (couldn't leave out the .04!) in 2:14:56, averaging 9'36 minute/mile. I was determined to finish under 2:15! At 13.11 miles I hit a pretty big milestone....the furthest I've run....ever! And my legs were telling me so! I felt good for most of the run until the way back home when I tried to sprint a bit just to get it done but my legs were just not having it. I think my body wanted to shut down. I drank every last bit in the 4 water bottles I carried on my amphipod fuel belt. 32 oz water+gatorade and a GU at mile 6. I think it gave me my second wind thank goodness which if you were outside today you might have noticed the 'wind' was not in my favor! I poorly overestimated the temperature and I froze for most of the run. So with exactly 4 weeks to go until race day I 'think' I'm ready!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Starting this blog thing

Seems everyone is creating a blog these days. So I thought I'd join in. I guess this will make me keep up with family updates and taking and sending pictures.

Let's see we'll start with the 'little' guy since he's usually mentioned last! Little being a 25 lb-ish 15 month old! Cole is the crazy guy, into everything, running, falling, climbing, falling you name it. He LOVES to read and learns new words everyday. He's had a rough 2008 though battling ear infection after ear infection. We'll find out Friday if he's got yet another one. Otherwise he's quite a happy kid.

Lance on the other hand is still a mamma's boy through and through. Never does he stray more than 10 feet from me (even if Nathan convinces him 'it's ok'!). He loves doing crafts and has almost mastered writing his name. He will start preschool this fall and have the same teachers that Nathan has right now. He is THRILLED to start school. I think he will really thrive. He is a very easy going kid and plays so well with kids of all other ages but can get riled up very easily!

Nathan, Nathan, Nathan, my spirited child, my stubborn child. He has a mind of his own and uses it to the fullest extent. He has me on my toes every moment of the day. He's too smart for his own good. He started preschool last fall and has improved immensely through the structure of just a few hours every other morning. He loves to be outside and boss his little brothers around.

In case you're interested in the adults of the family, I have decided to give the Riverbank 25K a try this year. What a difference training makes! I'm up to 14 miles and feeling good! I'm still at home with the kids and trying to keep my sanity. In my 'spare' time I scrapbook and have also found a womens basketball league at the gym (as if running wasn't torture enough).

Chris is still at GE doing the engineering I don't have the brain for. He's also been keeping busy with the contracting business he 'opened' up last year. He completed his first triathlon last September and will probably give it another go this fall.