Friday, April 11, 2008

Starting this blog thing

Seems everyone is creating a blog these days. So I thought I'd join in. I guess this will make me keep up with family updates and taking and sending pictures.

Let's see we'll start with the 'little' guy since he's usually mentioned last! Little being a 25 lb-ish 15 month old! Cole is the crazy guy, into everything, running, falling, climbing, falling you name it. He LOVES to read and learns new words everyday. He's had a rough 2008 though battling ear infection after ear infection. We'll find out Friday if he's got yet another one. Otherwise he's quite a happy kid.

Lance on the other hand is still a mamma's boy through and through. Never does he stray more than 10 feet from me (even if Nathan convinces him 'it's ok'!). He loves doing crafts and has almost mastered writing his name. He will start preschool this fall and have the same teachers that Nathan has right now. He is THRILLED to start school. I think he will really thrive. He is a very easy going kid and plays so well with kids of all other ages but can get riled up very easily!

Nathan, Nathan, Nathan, my spirited child, my stubborn child. He has a mind of his own and uses it to the fullest extent. He has me on my toes every moment of the day. He's too smart for his own good. He started preschool last fall and has improved immensely through the structure of just a few hours every other morning. He loves to be outside and boss his little brothers around.

In case you're interested in the adults of the family, I have decided to give the Riverbank 25K a try this year. What a difference training makes! I'm up to 14 miles and feeling good! I'm still at home with the kids and trying to keep my sanity. In my 'spare' time I scrapbook and have also found a womens basketball league at the gym (as if running wasn't torture enough).

Chris is still at GE doing the engineering I don't have the brain for. He's also been keeping busy with the contracting business he 'opened' up last year. He completed his first triathlon last September and will probably give it another go this fall.

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