Sunday, April 13, 2008

Exciting weekend

Well for 2 of us that is. Friday afternoon Lance decided to ignore every attempt I made at asking him to stop running in the house. About 2 minutes later I hear him trip and fall face first into a dining room chair. An hour and 4 stitches above the eyebrow later we are back home and all is fine. Is this a boy thing? Is it an age thing? I have yet to figure it out. The 'special string' doesn't seem to bother him pain wise although it itches him quite a bit as he's managed to scratch them hard enough to loosen them up and cause it to bleed once again.

Me on the other hand, I've been hitting the paths around Ada training like I've never trained before. I finished 14.04 miles this morning (couldn't leave out the .04!) in 2:14:56, averaging 9'36 minute/mile. I was determined to finish under 2:15! At 13.11 miles I hit a pretty big milestone....the furthest I've run....ever! And my legs were telling me so! I felt good for most of the run until the way back home when I tried to sprint a bit just to get it done but my legs were just not having it. I think my body wanted to shut down. I drank every last bit in the 4 water bottles I carried on my amphipod fuel belt. 32 oz water+gatorade and a GU at mile 6. I think it gave me my second wind thank goodness which if you were outside today you might have noticed the 'wind' was not in my favor! I poorly overestimated the temperature and I froze for most of the run. So with exactly 4 weeks to go until race day I 'think' I'm ready!!!

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