Monday, April 21, 2008

A personal best

I decided to participate in the Striders 10 mile run this past weekend mostly to take advantage of the water and gatorade stations! The run was rather boring and only had 262 participants. No chip time...I was only about 3 seconds behind the starting line. I felt the best that morning than I think I had ever felt before any race. I came out sprinting and never stopped really. Toward the end I was pretty far behind the person ahead of me and pretty far ahead of the person behind me. But low and behold I finished in 1:26:57....a personal best! Not to mention coming in THIRD in my age bracket! I haven't run that fast in 11 years! The 1997 Crim previously held my 10 mile record of 1:29:20. So I was thrilled and in shock really. I feel I am prepared for the 25K now and I keep telling myself I'll be happy with a 10 minute/mile pace.


Wendy said...

Way to go Jessica! Hope I see you at the Fifth Third. We will be running in the 10K instead of the 25K.

Don said...

Looks like you are, for now, the king of the hill. We'll know for sure after The Krim.


Don said...

I mean The Crim