Monday, April 21, 2008

Batter up!

Tonight was 'Opening Night' for Nathan and the YMCA 'red team'! He had his first t-ball game, at 7:15pm nonetheless. Honestly I didn't think he was going to make it. Chris asked me to try to get him to nap today so he'd be ready for his game....uh, 70+ degree gorgeous weather with 10 of his closest friends (+ his brothers) playing outside riding bikes and running through the sprinkler? Naps didn't happen! He was 'almost' passed out come 6pm but thankfully got a second wind and made it through the game.

Chris was actually the assistant coach. I unfortunately had to stay home with the little guys who were actually sleeping before the game technically started! I had the easy job. But thanks to a good friend we got some snapshots from the night.

Nathan's highlight apparently was that he 'caught' a ball! One of the opponents was a slugger I guess and Nathan caught the ball that apparently hit him first! Hey he kept it in front of him at least!

He could have used a little help in the batting department. He does so much better without the tee but alas it's the name of the game.

He finally did make contact with the ball and thankfully all of the players were able to reach first base safely

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