Monday, June 1, 2009

Nathan's 6th birthday party....superhero style!

Nathan decided (well with some help from me) to have a superhero birthday party. Since his birthday was on a Monday I figured we'd just invite the boys from his class for an afternoon party instead of having a big to do with family and 'my friends'. (After this years experience maybe I'll go back to the old ways next year!). Thankfully only 6 kids rsvp'd.

We had batman invitations, superNathan cake, batmobile pinata, and you can't forget personalized superhero capes. Although I can't take the credit for them, Lauren you did a fantastic job!

The party started at 2pm and little did I know that 6 year old boys don't want to play the fun games I thought they would! Obstacle course was a bust, spoon/golf ball relay turned into a war zone, and balloon between the knees race - well no one made it to the end with an inflated balloon. So the pinata and cake was done by 3pm with an hour to spare. Now what? I guess it was a good thing I got water balloons! Nothing like a good water fight before sending them home! All in all it was a fun party and I think I walked away with just a minor ulcer!

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Amber Douma said...

The same thing happen to me at Kaden's 5th b-day party with friends. I had planned all of these fun things to do and we flew through it in about a 1/2 an hour. The party looked super cute, even if it didn't go quite as planned.