Monday, June 1, 2009

Fifth Third Riverbank 25k results!

A bit late but thought I'd share here my glorious news! I trained for the 5/3 riverbank 25k again this year. Had a few injuries along the way but still felt 'ready' for the race. The morning of, it was cold and drizzly. Miserable! Not to mention everyone was in an uproar about the course change due to flooding. I was hoping the rain would pass through or at least hold off. The race started at 8:20am and at about 8:18am it started to down pour. No amount of wicking material in my under armour running clothes could keep me dry! I started with the 9 minute pace guy hoping I could keep up with him. I would have been happy with any sort of improvement from last years time, although last year was pretty impressive for a beginner!

So right out of the get go we start sprinting. Ok so we need to break away from the thousands of people who started with the 9 minute guy would should have really started with the 12 minute guy but holy cow it was non stop. They certainly were not going 9 minutes/mile! I think mile 5 was 8:19 and that's when I decided to fall behind a bit. Luckily this year I had my GPS so I could track my own time. I was doing really well the whole time really, had some sore muscles throughout but nothing unbearable. I ended up finishing 2:17:45, almost 4 minutes faster than last year! Averaging 8:53 min/mile! I really could not have asked for a better time. During the walk through the food lines afterward I could hear everyone else complain about this and that and how bad they did and I walked away with my head held high!

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