Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A little update on Nathan

Well we had parent/teacher conferences on Monday and well they were interesting! While we were waiting we got to look through a few 'books' that the class had put together. One was the 'What I am thankful for' book and the other was the 'my favorite thing to eat is' book. Ironically Nathan's thing he's most thankful for and his favorite thing to eat are one in the same. CAKE! He's spells it 'cac'. Teacher said he loves that word since he can sound it out and spell it all by himself! So he throws it into any situation he can! He also loves math! Another engineer in the making I guess! but we got the dreaded 'he can't sit still or concentrate for too long' speech. All in all though, I'm completely thrilled with his progress and I absolutely love his teacher!

We also got his school picture back. What's not to love?

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