Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween 2008

Well it started off pretty good. The whole school district had a half day so that meant Nathan could ride the bus home (usually I have to pick him up as there is no mid day bussing). So I wait at the bus stop and all of the kids get off except Nathan! Luckily the bus has to drive back through that stop on the way out of the subdivision so I stopped her then and Nathan got off! Little did I know that virtually every Kindergarten mom (except me) goes to the schools Halloween party and parade so none of his friends were on the bus.

So being such a beautiful day (and since Cole took a short nap earlier) we decided to rake leaves and jump in them. There were about 10 neighbor kids all playing and Cole started going down hill fast. Very whiny, clingy, and tired. So we went home, put him down for a nap, woke him up for dinner and he had a 102 temp. Poor thing was still dog tired. So needless to say he missed trick or treating. I don't think he was too upset as earlier in the week he was scared of his costume (an alligator) and refused to put it on!

Nathan and Lance on the other hand had a blast and made out like bandits!

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