Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lance's first day of preschool!

The day has finally come! Lance has been begging to go to school for over a year now. His first day was Monday Sept. 8th. He has the same schedule and teachers that Nathan had last year so he is familiar with the school, classroom and teachers. He is the youngest in the class as he only meets the age cut off by 5 days and some days it shows...some days it doesn't. He is doing great so far though. He sits through story time wonderfully, listens, plays nicely with the other kids. The only thing we've had a 'problem' with so far is that sometimes there isn't a 'project' for him to take home in his bag. Either it was painted and is still wet, or the teachers are keeping it for display, etc. and this causes SERIOUS meltdowns! Embarrassing meltdowns! I'm used to it though :)

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