Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First day of kindergarten success!

The morning wasn't too different here except that at 8am we started our treck to the bus stop! I could tell Nathan was a bit nervous but once he saw his friends and finally saw the bus pull into the sub his eyes lit up! He was the 3rd one on the bus and tried to fight in to be first! The bus took him to school and his teacher met him and the others at the entrance. Since our district went through budget cuts the parents have to pick up the kindergarteners at 11:55am in a so called 'pick up line'. OH MY GOSH! What a nightmare! We arrived at 11:50am and were so far back in the line we were actually parked on the side road in front of the school. We got there at 11:50 and Nathan finally got in the van at 12:15. Thankfully Cole fell asleep as soon as we parked! Crisis averted! But you figure 2 kindy classes @ 20 kids each = 40 cars trying to pick up their kids. Hopefully tomorrow goes a bit better since we have a magic tag that goes in the van to alert everyone who we will pick up. I imagine car pooling will start soon as well.

Nathan didn't say much on the way home, except that he sat by his neighbor friend Maddie and played with her on the playground. We'll see if I can get more out of him tomorrow!

Here are a couple of pictures!

Waiting at the bus stop with his friends

The last wave goodbye!

FINALLY in the van at noon and still smiling...SUCCESS!

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