Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Gymnastics for the big boys

The boys each had a 5 week gymnastics class. Lance was in class with other 2 & 3 year olds and Nathan was in the 5+ class. I was trying to find an activity to help strengthen their little muscles! They really enjoyed themselves and actually will go to an all week camp next week....Lance in the morning and Nathan in the afternoon and on Friday they will each put on a show for the parents! Hopefully the camp will be good for everyone, including mommy and Cole!!

During their indoor gymnastics class they did things like somersaults, obstacle courses, front flips on the single bar, walking across the balance beam, and the favorite...jumping on the trampoline! They would also stretch before and after class....and after each obstacle that they had to do, they'd stand up and say "TA DA!" (as you will see in some of the pictures). And when the session was finished they got to add their hand print to the wall of kids. Here are some of my favorite pictures :)

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