Sunday, August 17, 2008

Adamstown, Pennsylvania

What a great vacation! We took a road trip to the Amish country and met up with all of the kids' aunts, uncles and cousins. On the way we decided to make a stop in Ohio to visit some of our friends. The kids LOVED seeing their old neighbors and friends and had a great sleep over. Here's a shot of the kids.

Saturday morning we had breakfast and left for PA late morning. We got to the vacation rental house just after 4pm on Saturday, unpacked and claimed rooms. 6 adults, 6 kids and 2 dogs in a 5 bedroom house for a week was a pretty interesting time!

Sunday we decided to take a family day, spend some time at the local playground and community pool. Here are a couple of pictures from the playground.

Monday we all decided to treck to Hershey Park. It was an interesting experience. The boys loved the rides but unfortunately the rides were spread out all over the HUGE park! We did manage to hit the water park at the end of the day.

Tuesday the guys let the girls hit the outlets to do some shopping while they took the kids to Cherry Crest Farms. This place sounded so cool! It had a hay maze, a bunch of inflatables, a petting zoo, a rope maze, and a tractor ride!

Wednesday the guys again took only the big kids (Cassandra, David and Nathan) fishing. All of the kids actually had a chance to catch a fish!!

and Aunt Laura and I took the little ones (Lance, Anneliese and Cole) to the Hands on House which is basically a childrens museum. Here the kids got to play with all kinds on hands on activities and Lance's favorite part was painting his face!

Thursday Aunt Vicki and Uncle Mike took the big kids to Chocolate World (a part of Hershey Park). They got a tour of the factory and made a label for a chocolate bar for us!

While the big kids were at the Chocolate Factory, Aunt Laura and I took the little ones to Dutch Wonderland, an amusement park JUST FOR KIDS! Anneliese and Lance were dare devils too! They went on just about everything!

Friday Chris and I got to have massages at the Hershey Hotel and then we had a nice big FAMILY dinner. Saturday we all went our separate ways and it was sad to say good bye to everyone. But we did manage to get one family picture (minus Michael who took it)

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