Sunday, May 25, 2008

Riverbank 25k Official Results

Wow what a morning it was for a race! I felt 'ok' that morning and was actually really nervous. This is what I had been training for for MONTHS! I didn't not want to 'screw' it up even though I would have been happy just finishing I knew deep down I wanted an 'impressive' time. I got downtown pretty stinkin early to get my bib and race packet, stretched out a bit and watched the 10k'ers and wheelers start.

Finally it was time for us to line up. I lined up between the 9 min/mile pacer and the 9:30 min/mile pacer. Soon there were people EVERYWHERE and I really did start to feel claustrophobic. Once the race started I found myself weaving through people who apparently started out a bit too close to the front!

Oddly enough I always had the 9 min/mile official pacer in my sight and for a few miles we had a nice group and kept a great comfortable pace going.....until mile 11 when I went to the side for water, looked up and he was gone! like G-O-N-E GONE! I was so bummed! I felt like that is what kept me going! I muscled along and hit a brick wall about miles 12-13. I think my legs would have stopped if my brain wasn't telling them to keep moving.

All in all I finished with a great time of 2:21:21 averaging a 9:07 min/mile! A great time for a first timer and still room for improvement! We'll see if I can continue this to be ready for a fall marathon! If not I'll be happy with rockin the Crim. Dad's getting a little scared. I may just beat the old man yet!

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