Monday, May 5, 2008

Nathan's spring sing

Oh dear where to start. Nathan's preschool had their spring sing on Tuesday April 29th. There were a total of 4 preschool classes participating. For the past few months the kids were practicing their songs and hand gestures. Nathan on the other hand, kept claiming he was 'too shy' and wouldn't sing or get involved.
Here he is at the beginning waving to us. The place was PACKED with parents and families. I'm surprised he even saw us....but seeing as he wasn't paying attention to the teachers it kinda makes sense. The kids did an amazing job over all. and this was at 7pm at that. Nathan had woken up early that morning (what else is new) so I was super surprised he lasted as long as he did.

Again another example, the kids all sat down during one of the songs and well, Nathan wanted no part of that. He finally did sit but we were so far back we couldn't even see what the kids were doing during. One of the parents actually came in each Monday to practice with the kids while she played the piano, so most of the songs had music to go along with it but I don't think this song did.

He would either be scratching his head, looking around at other kids, picking his nose, falling off of the step, YAWNING, anything really except singing.

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