Thursday, December 10, 2009

Long overdue update & Lance's 5th birthday

So I've neglected this thing! So much has happened in the past few months....Nathan starting kindergarten, Lance starting young 5's, Halloween, Lance's birthday, the arrival of my precious niece, and preparations for Christmas. Let's just start by saying the Decker's are doing wonderful over here in snow land (it's only December 10th and already we're on our 3rd snow day!). The boys are loving it! Nathan had a great set of conferences a few months ago as did Lance. Nathan is almost reading and Lance learns new stuff nearly everyday. Cole is wild as ever, wishing he was a 'big boy'. Although potty training will still be the death of me. I've lived with the fact will just happen when he's ready....whenever that will be!

Anyway, most recently I guess was Lance's 5th birthday. He could not wait to turn 5 since all of the kids in his class are already 5 (being that close to the Michigan cutoff, he was certainly the youngest). We decided to have everyone together at nana and papa's house since his special day this year fell on Thanksgiving!

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